Jamie Greenberg  (Writer/Director)  underwent decades of field research to prepare for making Stags. Along the way he created various short films including Pillowfighter, Taxi Dancer, ColumBus, and A Woody Romance.

He also had a long stint as a TV Writer/Producer, including extensive work in children’s TV, game shows, MTV, and comedy programs. He co-created PBS’ Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?, for which he was nominated for 2 Emmy Awards, and wrote for all 5 seasons of Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?. He wrote for various other wholesome kids’ shows such as Arthur and Dragon Tales and was a Story Producer on Michael Moore’s TV Nation.

On the other side of the karmic ledger, Mr.Greenberg co-created and wrote MTV’s terrible hit show Lip Service, and was Senior Writer on such MTV specials as Wanna Be A VJ, Spring Break, Total Britney Live, and many more. Yes, someone actually writes those things.

Mr.Greenberg is also a performer. With featured roles in over 50 episodes of Where In Time, he may be the only actor ever to have essayed the roles of Simon Bolivar and a Talking Head of Lettuce in the same season. He spent a year as Senior Correspondent on Court TV’s irreverent and unwatched comedy/news program Snap Judgment.

He has performed in many heroically unprofitable NYC live shows and in the last century he produced and hosted the Manhattan Public Access cult favorite Media Shower. It was in reference to this show that the late great Joey Ramone once called Mr.Greenberg a “chimp”, although he isn’t.

Mr.Greenberg is currently working on the web series Separate Checks. In his spare time he enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

Stags is his first feature film.


Salvatore Interlandi  (Cinematographeris a versatile NYC Filmmaker who works extensively as a Writer/Director, Cinematographer, and Gaffer in the NY independent film scene.

His credits include: Charlie (writer/director), El Camino (writer), and Stags (cinematography), and he has been a gaffer for numerous features such as The Occupant, The Normals, Sister Spirit, Price Check, and The Project.


Laura Weinberg (Editor) officially fell in love with film when she was 4 years old and saw Grease on the big screen. Years later she fell in love with editing in a small 16 millimeter edit suite in the basement of Boston University's Communications building.

She has since worked on documentaries, including Helvetica and Triviatown, web series, including Wainy Days and Michael Showalter's: The Making Of..., and TV shows, including The Onion News Network and The Onion Sports Network.

She is very proud of her work on Stags and of the entire cast and crew.